WordPress is now selling 100-year domains

WordPress is now selling 100-year domains

Having been in existence for two decades, WordPress is now venturing into the domain-selling arena, offering registrations that span an impressive century. This signifies that your website or blog might outlast you in the digital realm.

In a recent blog announcement, the company unveiled its 100-year registration package, presenting an appealing prospect for families aiming to safeguard their online legacy and entrepreneurs seeking to chronicle their company’s evolution. While the allure of preserving digital assets for a full century is undeniably captivating, this privilege carries a substantial price tag of $38,000 as a one-time payment.

For this considerable investment, WordPress pledges not only a century-long domain registration but also a suite of accompanying features. These include automated backups across various servers, including the revered Internet Archive, advanced tools for ownership and hosting management, and uninterrupted round-the-clock customer support.


Curiously, the blog post overlooks detailing WordPress’s strategy for ensuring domain and backup relevance amid the dynamic shifts of the ever-evolving internet landscape. Furthermore, the fate of these domains should the company opt to discontinue the program remains unaddressed.

Tech giants like IBM, AT&T, and Siemens have defied the passage of time, spanning over a century in their existence, albeit with their offerings undergoing dramatic transformations. While modern computing and the internet have only matured over a few decades, the future landscape of websites remains shrouded in uncertainty. The evolution of WordPress’s current project within the web domain will undoubtedly be a captivating development to observe.

WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg conveyed his perspective, saying, “Whether it’s the heartfelt gesture of bestowing a newborn with a unique domain and an enduring online abode, or a provision within your will to ensure that your website and narrative endure for generations to come, I envision this initiative sparking contemplation among individuals and fellow enterprises about constructing with longevity in mind.”


In recent months, WordPress has been dedicated to rolling out novel products and features that align with the demands of the present era. In March, Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, acquired an ActivityPub plug-in aimed at seamlessly integrating blogs with the Fediverse. Subsequently, in June, the company introduced an AI-driven writing assistant designed to aid users in their writing endeavors. Coinciding with this, a premium newsletter product was also launched, stepping into competition with platforms like Substack.

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