11 search engines for cybersecurity research you can use right now

Remaining at the forefront of cybersecurity demands an ongoing commitment to learning and flexible adaptation. If you have a keen interest in cybersecurity research, delve into the comprehensive resources provided below.


DNSdumpster is a complimentary domain research tool designed to unearth hosts associated with a domain. Identifying visible hosts from the vantage point of potential attackers plays a pivotal role in the security assessment process.


Exploit Database:

Exploit Database stands as a CVE-compliant repository housing public exploits and corresponding vulnerable software. It has been developed for the utilization of penetration testers and vulnerability researchers. Their goal is to provide an all-encompassing assortment of exploits, collected from various sources such as direct submissions, mailing lists, and other publicly available outlets, presented in a user-friendly and freely accessible database.



FullHunt serves as the attack surface database of the Internet, enabling companies to unveil their attack surfaces, continually monitor them for exposure, and conduct ongoing scans for the latest security vulnerabilities.


GreyNoise specializes in gathering, analyzing, and categorizing data related to IPs scanning the internet and inundating security tools with extraneous information. This distinctive perspective helps analysts reduce the time spent on irrelevant or innocuous activity and dedicate more attention to targeted and emerging threats.


Intelligence X:

Intelligence X stands out from other search engines through several key features:

  • It employs selectors, allowing specific search terms like email addresses, domains, URLs, IPs, CIDRs, Bitcoin addresses, IPFS hashes, and more.
  • It conducts searches across various domains, including the darknet, document sharing platforms, whois data, public data leaks, and more.
  • It maintains a historical data archive of search results, akin to the Wayback Machine from archive.org, preserving past versions of websites.



Netlas offers a suite of internet intelligence applications that deliver precise technical insights about IP addresses, domain names, websites, web applications, IoT devices, and other online assets.


ONYPHE serves as a cyber defense search engine dedicated to uncovering attack surfaces and managing them effectively. They scan the internet and dark web for exposed assets, crawling links just like a traditional web search engine. Their data is accessible through a web form or numerous APIs.



Searchcode provides access to a vast repository of 75 billion lines of code from 40 million projects, aiding in the discovery of real-world examples of functions, APIs, and libraries in 243 programming languages across more than ten public code sources.



Shodan is a search engine designed for Internet-connected devices, offering insights into how internet intelligence can inform decision-making. Shodan makes its entire platform available to developers, enabling them to utilize its API for tasks such as determining VPN usage, assessing website security compromises, and more.


urlscan.io is a cost-free service designed for the examination and assessment of websites. When a URL is submitted to urlscan.io, an automated process mimics the actions of a typical user, documenting the interactions generated during the page navigation. This comprehensive record encompasses the domains and IPs contacted, resources requested (such as JavaScript and CSS files) from these domains, and additional details about the page itself. urlscan.io also captures a screenshot of the page, records its DOM content, global JavaScript variables, cookies generated, and a multitude of other observations. If the scanned site pertains to one of the 900+ tracked brands, urlscan.io will flag it as potentially malicious in the scan results.



Wigle serves as a central repository consolidating location and data on wireless networks worldwide. It offers user-friendly desktop and web applications that facilitate mapping, querying, and updating the database through web-based interfaces.

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