BREAKING: iPhone 15 to be announced September 12, Apple sends out invite

BREAKING: iPhone 15 to be announced September 12, Apple sends out invite

The anticipation surrounding the iPhone 15 series has reached its crescendo, as Apple has now officially announced the launch date for its highly anticipated ‘Wonderlust’ event. The technological juggernaut from Cupertino is poised to host its forthcoming major hardware event on the 12th of September, a date that corroborates with the whispers and speculations that have been circulating. This event holds the promise of unveiling not only the iPhone 15 lineup but also a constellation of other products and services, propelling enthusiasts into a realm of excitement.

Marking a significant moment in the tech calendar, the curtains will rise on the iPhone 15 launch event at 1 PM ET, equivalent to 10:30 PM IST for eager viewers tuning in from India. As the clock strikes, Apple aficionados worldwide will be treated to an event that has the potential to reshape the trajectory of mobile technology.

Amidst the sea of leaks and insider reports, the iPhone 15 series is expected to emerge with transformative design alterations. Foremost among these could be the replacement of the Lightning port with the introduction of a USB-C port. However, it’s important to note that this transition might not directly translate into augmented charging speeds, at least not within the confines of the iPhone 15 series. In an enchanting twist, Apple might bundle USB-C cables of varying colors within the box, synchronizing them with the hues of the respective iPhone models.


Beyond the realm of charging, an intriguing alteration might surface in the form of ‘Dynamic Island’ supplanting the conventional notch on the vanilla iPhone 15 and its larger counterpart, the iPhone 15 Plus. The aesthetic spectrum could be further enriched by the potential debut of a special Green-colored edition of the iPhone 15, a hue that could potentially resonate with environmentally-conscious consumers.

As the proverbial curtain is drawn back on the 12th of September, the echoes of excitement and anticipation will likely reverberate further. Enthusiasts should brace themselves for a subsequent launch window, with conjecture suggesting that the iPhone 15 models might embark on their commercial journey starting from the 22nd of September. The veracity of this timeline, however, is a secret yet to be unveiled by Apple, perhaps to be shared exclusively during the event.

In terms of financial horizons, preliminary rumors hint at a possible starting price point of approximately USD 799 (equivalent to around Rs 66,000) for the iPhone 15. The larger sibling, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, could potentially herald its entry with a starting price of around USD 1,299 (approximately Rs 1,06,500). As the countdown to the ‘Wonderlust’ event continues, enthusiasts are gearing up to witness a technological marvel that will undoubtedly chart new trajectories in the realm of mobile innovation.

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