Last call for mWISE, the security conference for frontline practitioners.

Last call for mWISE, the security conference for frontline practitioners.

mWISE stands apart as a distinctive type of security conference, marked by its deeply collaborative and solution-driven agenda. An independent panel meticulously curates topics, selecting only those that are genuinely compelling and geared towards offering immediate value to those entrenched in the realm of cybersecurity.

At mWISE, participants join forces across industry boundaries, sectors, and knowledge domains to collectively engineer solutions that propel the entire community forward. The event boasts seven session tracks, featuring over 80 sessions and presenting insights from more than 90 speakers.

The 2023 lineup encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, including cloud security, intelligence, security engineering, security operations, threats and exploits, third-party and cyber risk management, in addition to a dedicated sponsor track. Notable highlights include:

  • Bryan Rosensteel, serving as the U.S. Federal CTO at Ping Identity, offers a unique perspective on the U.S. government’s technical capabilities. He sheds light on the government’s endeavors to modernize its ICAM (Identity, Credential, and Access Management) strategies in preparation for navigating a multi-cloud agnostic future. Bryan Rosensteel acknowledges the vast IT infrastructure, diverse use cases, and persistent threat landscape that the U.S. government grapples with.
  • Christina Parry, Senior ThreatOps Developer at Huntress Labs, shares insights into straightforward, efficient, and open-source automation solutions applicable to any Security Operations Center (SOC). She also delves into the reasons why automation, although increasingly prevalent, is unlikely to replace human cybersecurity experts anytime soon.
  • Ken Bagnall, the Founder and CEO of Silent Push, extends an invitation to attend the session titled “Finding Adversary Infrastructure Before the Attack.” In his own words, he highlights the years of effort invested in developing an innovative approach to threat intelligence and eagerly anticipates sharing the groundbreaking findings during this session.
  • mWISE distinguishes itself as a conference that fosters collaboration, facilitates knowledge exchange, and addresses pressing cybersecurity challenges head-on.
  • Anton Chuvakin, Security Advisor at Office of the CISO, Google Cloud, is leading a session on evolving D&R to the cloud. “I want to help teams refine what they do and how they do it,” he says, “so they don’t commit the same mistakes I’ve seen so many others commit.”

Mwise Keynotes: the most pressing issues facing security practitioners right now.

Kevin Mandia, the CEO of Mandiant, Google Cloud, will extend a warm welcome to attendees and provide the opening remarks, setting the stage for an insightful event.

During the conference, attendees will have the privilege of engaging with keynotes that delve into vital subject matter, including:

  • “Cyber Intelligence in a Rapidly Changing World”: As significant geopolitical events and evolving technical requirements reshape the cybersecurity landscape, what challenges and opportunities lie ahead? This session will be expertly moderated by Sean Lyngaas of
  • “AI and Security Standards: Maximizing Innovation While Minimizing Risk”: Journalist Maggie Miller from POLITICO will guide a panel discussion aimed at untangling the complexities of AI security standards and exploring what effective standards should entail.
  • “Defending Against Advanced Adversaries: Lessons Learned”: Moderated by Charles Carmakal, the CTO of Mandiant Consulting for Mandiant, Google Cloud, this panel offers a unique insider perspective on high-profile security incidents, featuring insights from leaders who have navigated these challenges and emerged with valuable lessons to share.



Prepare for a great conference.

o ensure you maximize your mWISE experience, follow these steps:

Streamline Trip Approval: If you need approval from your manager to attend mWISE, utilize the provided resources to justify your attendance efficiently. Find valuable information [here](link to helpful information) to support your request.

Account Creation and Registration: Get started by creating your account and registering for the conference [here](link to registration page).


Explore Conference Content: Familiarize yourself with the diverse range of conference topics and sessions, take a closer look at the enlightening keynote panels, and get to know the accomplished speakers who will be sharing their insights.

Plan Your Agenda: Stay tuned for the session scheduler, which will be available soon. This tool will assist you in organizing your personalized agenda, ensuring you don’t miss out on the sessions most relevant to your interests and objectives.

Engage with the Expo: Allocate time to explore the Expo, where you can gain valuable insights into cutting-edge security solutions and connect with the sponsors of mWISE.


Networking Opportunities: Don’t miss the Welcome Reception on the evening of Monday, September 18, and the Evening at the Museum on Tuesday, September 19. These gatherings provide a relaxed and celebratory environment for enjoying food, drinks, and fostering connections with peers.


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