23 US and Canada Universities with Application fee waiver for 2024 Admission

23 US and Canada Universities with Application fee waiver for 2024 Admission

The primary objective of this list featuring 23 universities in the United States and Canada with application fee waivers is to aid prospective applicants in reducing their expenses when applying for the 2024 admissions.

Embarking on the journey of applying to study in the United States or Canada is undoubtedly a valuable experience. However, the significant cost associated with application fees can be a substantial deterrent, particularly when making multiple applications.

Nevertheless, some universities have introduced application fee waivers for various reasons, including participation in virtual sessions, eligibility based on academic performance, and meeting specific criteria. In this blog, we will provide an informative discussion on 23 U.S. and Canadian universities that offer assistance with application fee waivers.


23 Universities with Application fee waiver

  1. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA

The University of Alabama offers free graduate application fee waivers for all programs to domestic and international applicants from 0ctober 16-20, 2023 which is valid for the fall 2024 admission. Link: https://stories.ua.edu/gsfreeappweek/?utm_source=ambassadors&utm_medium=organic_social&utm_campaign=faw_2023

  1. Rochester University, New York, USA

The Rochester University is waiving application fee in the following programs:

  • The Department of Biomedical Engineering | https://www.hajim.rochester.edu/bme/graduate/applicants.html
  • Department of Chemistry | https://www.sas.rochester.edu/chm/graduate/apply.html
  • Microbiology, Immunology and Virology | https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/education/graduate/phd/admissions.aspx
  1. University of Southern Maine, United States
    1. The University offers free application to all programs for Canadian applicants. Link:  https://usm.maine.edu/office-of-admissions/apply/graduate-admission/#:~:text=There’s%20no%20application%20fee%3B%20all,for%20a%20graduate%20certificate%20program
  2. Wayne State University applications offers free application fee for all academic terms beginning with the winter 2024 semester but does not apply to Graduate School such as J.D., M.D., and Pharm.D. programs. Link: https://gradschool.wayne.edu/admissions/international/frequently-asked-questions#definition-102296
  3. University of Idaho, United States
  4. Applications to the Chemistry Graduate Program are free of charge with an application fee waiver. Link: https://www.uidaho.edu/sci/chem/graduate/admission#:~:text=Applications%20to%20the%20Chemistry%20Graduate,with%20an%20application%20fee%20waiver
  5. University of Texas Health San Antonio, United States
  6. There is no application fee for the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Link: https://uthscsa.edu/biomedical-sciences/what-know-you-apply
  7. University of Nebraska, United States
  8. All undergraduate programs but application fee waiver does not apply to international students. Link: https://www.unk.edu/admissions/undergraduate-application-options.php?utm_source=postcard&utm_medium=mailer&utm_term=&utm_content=Apply_Now&utm_campaign=23-0844
  9. Michigan Technological University, United States
  10. Applying to the Graduate School is free (no application fees). Link: https://www.mtu.edu/gradschool/prospective/
  11. Clemson University, United States

There is no fee to apply to graduate programs at Clemson University for Summer 2023 and beyond. Link: https://www.clemson.edu/graduate/admissions/preparing-to-apply/application-fees.html

  1. West Virginia University Institute of Technology, United States

No application fee for all programs. Link: https://admissions.wvutech.edu/about-tech/faqs

  1. University of British Columbia, Canada

The application fee is waived only in the following circumstances:

    • For international applicants whose citizenship and correspondence address is located in one of the world’s 50 least developed countries, as declared by the United Nations. These countries include but are not limited to Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, and Uganda. Complete list of eligible countries.
    • Domestic students applying to graduate programs in the Department of Chemistry at UBC Vancouver. The fee is paid for by the department.
    • Seniors: BC residents who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents aged 65 years or over at the time of application. Link: https://www.grad.ubc.ca/prospective-students/application-admission/online-application-fee
  1. Simon Fraser University, Canada

School of Computing Science is offers the application fee waiver to applicants from 50 least developed countries. Link: https://www.sfu.ca/computing/prospective-students/graduate-students/admissions.html

  1. University of Dayton, United States

Offers free app fee for all programs. Link: https://catalog.udayton.edu/graduate/generalinformation/academicinformation/internationalgraduatestudentadmission/#:~:text=Application%20

  1. Miami University, United States

Application fee is waived for first-year international students who apply by Nov. 1 for 2024 enrollment. Link: https://miamioh.edu/admission-aid/apply/international-students/index.html

  1. Northeastern University, United States

The College of Engineering offers Fee waiver for students who submit a new application between August 2 – August 31. Applicants may use the fee waiver code Launch2023. Link: https://coe.northeastern.edu/apply/

  1. Purdue University, United States

The College of Engineering offers Application Fee Waiver for the Purdue University Virtual Graduate Showcase. Link: https://engineering.purdue.edu/Engr/Academics/Graduate/graduate-showcase/Fee-Waiver

  1. University of Florida,  United States

International Students will automatically be emailed a code and instructions if they are approved for a MS application fee waiver. Link: https://www.eng.ufl.edu/graduate/prospects/masters-admission/

  1. University of Texas, United States

Fee is waived for applications to at San Antonio, Neuroscience PhD Program received by the November 1, 2023 priority deadline. Link: https://neuroscience.utsa.edu/apply.html

  1. University of Maryland Global Campus, United States

No application fee until August 31. Link: https://apply.umgc.edu/

  1. Cornel University, United States.

If you think you are eligible for a waiver, please submit your application and the fee waiver request at the same time, right in the application form. Link: https://gradschool.cornell.edu/admissions/apply/application-fees/

  1. Northwestern Oklahoma State University, United States

Free app fee for all programs. Link: https://www.nwosu.edu/apply-for-admission#:~:text=APPLY%20ONLINE%20TODAY%20%2D%20NO%20APPLICATION%20FEE

  1. University of South Carolina, United States

The University of South Carolina Board of Trustees recently approved waiving the base $50 graduate application fee for the upcoming admission cycle. Effective July 15, applications for entry in Summer 2024, Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 will not collect the $50 fee. Link: https://www.sc.edu/study/colleges_schools/graduate_school/about_us/news/2023/graduate_school_application_fee_changes_2024_2025.php

  1. Southwestern University

As Southwestern does not charge an application fee, students should not request fee waivers in submitting applications to Southwestern. Link: https://www.southwestern.edu/admission/apply/application-checklist/#:~:text=NOTE%3A%20As%20Southwestern%20does%20not,in%20submitting%20applications%20to%20Southwestern.&text=The%20written%20essay%20must%20be%20submitted%20with%20the%20Application%20for%20Admission.

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