APPLY: 2024 Federal Government FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program For Young Nigerians

APPLY: 2024 Federal Government FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program For Young Nigerians

The FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program is dedicated to empowering our youth with a diverse range of skills and tailored opportunities that align with their personal goals and the ever-changing market dynamics. In the rapidly evolving landscape of today’s world, the untapped potential of our young generation stands as a paramount asset, and fostering this potential lies at the core of the FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program. This comprehensive endeavor has emerged through a strategic collaboration between Wema Bank and the Federal Government of Nigeria, facilitated by the Office of the Vice President.


  • Host: Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) | Wema Bank
  • Category:  Training| Fellowships
  • Eligible Country: Nigeria
  • Reward: Full Sponsorship |Mentorship | Grants
  • Deadline: Not Specified


The FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program underscores Wema Bank’s dedication to driving positive change and sustainable development in Nigeria, reaffirming our belief in the limitless potential of Nigerian youth.


Through the creation of a platform seamlessly integrating training, mentorship, and practical entrepreneurial experiences, we are constructing pathways towards a future where every young Nigerian possesses the tools, knowledge, and support needed to leave their mark on the world.

In addition to empowering young entrepreneurs, the program also serves career-driven professionals by offering them tailored pathways to enhance their skills and confidently navigate the complexities of the modern, digital-oriented workplace.

At its essence, the FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program transcends mere training; it forms a comprehensive ecosystem designed to nurture innovation, growth, and success, shaping the next generation of Nigerian entrepreneurs and professionals.



To be considered for the for the FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program, you must meet any of the following:

  • Working Class Professional: I am currently employed but I want to develop skills that can enhance my career.
  • Jobseeker: I am currently unemployed, but I want to obtain skills that can create opportunities for jobs.
  • Business Owner:I have an existing business & I want to learn skills to help grow my existing business
  • Aspiring Business Owner: I want to start my own business soon & I want to learn skills on how to start my own business

Duration and Reward


The FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program is Designed to revolutionize the way young entrepreneurs and employees interact with technology.

  • Training: Guiding growth through shared knowledge and experience.
  • Business Incubation: Fostering startups for success
  • Mentorship: Grow and develop your skills with the best mentorship
  • Access to Market Connecting products, expanding reach
  • Grants: Funding for innovative

Method of Application

Prospective candidates who meet the qualifications for the FGN-ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program are encouraged to submit their applications through the provided link.

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