APPLY: 2023 GHAI Healthy Food Policy Advocacy Fund For Entrepreneurs

APPLY: 2023 GHAI Healthy Food Policy Advocacy Fund For Entrepreneurs

The GHAI Healthy Food Policy Advocacy Fund For Entrepreneurs plays a pivotal role in offering essential assistance for the advancement of promising legislative or regulatory initiatives related to healthy food policies.

The Global Health Advocacy Incubator is dedicated to providing strategic support to advocates who are actively engaged in the promotion and implementation of life-saving laws. Our organization’s roots trace back to one of the most triumphant public health campaigns — the battle against tobacco consumption. Leveraging the accomplishments and valuable insights gained from the global anti-tobacco movement, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids established the Global Health Advocacy Incubator in 2014. The aim is to bolster advocacy capacity and enhance public health on a global scale.


  • Host: Global Health Advocacy Incubator
  • Category: Fellowships
  • Eligible Countries: 8 Selected countries
  • Reward: Million Naira Grant
  • Deadline: September 4, 2023.

Details for GHAI:

The purpose of the Advocacy Fund is to support the adoption of evidence-informed healthy food policies by investing in timebound and strategic campaigns, and in doing so, grow both the food policy evidence base and a global network of advocates.



Applicants should meet the following criteria:

    • Applicant must be working on a specific policy objective that is concrete and ideally achievable within approximately 12-18 months.
    • Policy objective may be national or subnational and could have broader regional or global influence.
    • Applicants must demonstrate that the grant will help address an opportunity and that there are clear benefits or reasons for the need to secure funding.
    • Applicants should preferably focus on a specific policy campaign rather than working across multiple policy priorities.
    • Applicants with experience in carrying out advocacy campaigns for policy change is a plus.

Duration and Reward

GHAI acknowledges the advantages of collaborative efforts and welcomes joint applications from organizations that share a common policy objective. In certain instances, GHAI has been able to support the endeavors of coalitions comprising 2-4 organizations through one or more funded grantees operating in the same country or region.

GHAI also fosters and embraces inventive approaches to tackle food policy priorities. If your proposal incorporates a novel or innovative component, please ensure to articulate and elucidate this aspect within your application.


Method of Application

  • All applicants should fill out the concept note form on the online platform. Please ensure all fields are complete and submit no later than September 4, 2023, 5pm EST.
  • Please find a Word version of the Concept Note that you can draft your responses before submitting them to the online platform.
  • For general questions regarding the Advocacy Fund, including the application process, please contact
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